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1974 Ampeg V4 100 Watt head with matching V4 cabinets, both 4×12’s

Rolling Stones, Led Zep and all the stage greats from the 70’s… welcome the 1974 Ampeg V-4 with reverb. This monster is a 100 watt piece of rock history with headroom to stay clean while breaking windows 100 yards away. Rated over 200 watts… power of valve/tube hand wired perfection!

1970s Echoplex Maestro ep3 Tape Analog

The original, the iconic and the first solid state analog EchoPlex from the early 1970’s. Robin Trower, Jimi Page, David Gilmore, Gary Moore… on and on…

1970’s Cry Baby Original – Made in Italy

Original as they come… this Cry Baby is the true/real deal. Made in Italy in the early 70’s, she’s been dormant for decades…

1974 MXR Phase 90

1974 MXR Phase 90 “script” model year phaseshifter. That unmistakable sound as you dial through the control knob…



8 Awesome Effect Pedals for Electric Guitar


Top 15 Must Have Guitar Accessories and Gear (For Beginners and Pros Alike)

Wondering what guitar accessories you really need to make learning to play acoustic or electric guitar easier and more fun?

You’re gonna love this post then. Because we’ve painstakingly searched the internet to find the essential best guitar gear and gadgets you need to have in life. What’s the best capo? What guitar strings should you buy? What about the best digital guitar tuner for your hard earned cash?

Find out the answers and more in this ultimate top 15 best guitar accessories list…



Best Guitar Effects Pedals

Looking for the right delay, reverb, fuzz, flange or overdrive for your pedalboard? We’ve rounded up the best of everything…

Different pedals suit different needs. If you’re the kind of player that prefers a generally uncoloured and more direct tone, you might not want much more than some simple overdrive and compression. Vice versa, if you want your guitar to sound like it’s being beamed to Earth from outer space, with enough whoosh-y modulations and decaying echoes to stretch through the galaxies, you might need to plan what pedals you’re going to use and in what order…


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