12 Interesting Facts About Guitar – The Big, The Small and the Weird!

Whether you are writing a quiz, want to impress your friends, or just have an insatiable curiosity about guitar, a good fact always goes down very well. This is why we have compiled 12 of the most interesting facts from the world of guitar – the biggest, the smallest and the weirdest!

#1 – The First Guitar was Created in Ancient Egypt
Well… in some senses it was, although the guitar-like instrument created 3,500 years ago (now, that’s a vintage guitar!) is a far cry from the guitars we play today…



10 Things Every Guitarist Should Know – Guitar 101!

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10 Incredible Guitar World Records

As we all know, the guitar is a thing of wonder. It’s so wondrous, in fact, that a handful of creative six-stringers have sought to create and then break some, quite frankly, bonkers Guinness World Records with our favourite instrument.

So, without further ado, here we present 10 tests of endurance, wealth and scientific genius that have smashed records, boundaries and health and safety guidelines…



Gibson ES 335 in All Original and Mint Condition

Gibson ES 335 in all original and mint condition. Get your Clapton on and enjoy this PAF time capsule…complete with tags, OHSC and key…


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