Welcome to California Dream’n Guitars.

If there is a common thread amongst all post 1850’s music, it would be the instrument we all recognize and adore…the GUITAR. Simple in design, practical in form, adaptable in function and easy to carry on the road…guitars became the mainstay. From ‘Hank to Hendrix’ these wonderful instruments continue to warm our hearts, providing the stories we love with music. Joni, Bob, Neil, Chuck, Elvis and Muddy…the list is endless.

My website will allow thoughtful discussion about guitars and the history behind them. We’ll explore the past to better understand the present and future trends. Diving into popular and lesser known guitar models with the artists best associated with them is the theme; digging deep into the nuances that each type of guitar offers is the goal.

In addition, we will highlight the people that create guitars taking an inside look at how they are made and what makes some guitars stand out in the crowd. Interestingly, there are a large number of independent luthiers that are carving new innovations, some of which have become a new mainstay within the industry today. Materials, bracing, electronics are all under the innovation scope…some great…some not so great. It’s fun to watch the pendulum swing, often returning back to the roots of design and function! These too, will be an important part of the California Dream’n Guitar site.

Let’s begin with the name… why California Dream’n Guitars? It is a name I started with 30 years ago that just plain stuck. My family and I moved to San Francisco a very long time ago… living in California became a joy on all fronts… you just open the windows and voila… the perfect climate for people and GUITARS! It was like a dream come true. I had more time to spend on finding guitars, collecting, and living life. The Momma’s and Poppa’s popular song “California Dreamin…” perfectly summed up my emotions and the name stuck!

The purpose of this site is not the over coined cliché “I want to give back to the guitar world” …rather it’s a ‘pay it forward’ mission. We can share, learn, have some fun and in some small way let our children’s children still hold a place in their hearts for music and guitars.

I have other companies that buy and sell guitars; old and new, vintage and special pieces / models that are a joy to play and own. I have a guitar loan company that will help some with acquiring special guitars. My company also collateralizes one guitar or entire guitar collections from $5k to $20M. This site will not promote these nor use this platform as an “ad” … but I will put the links on.

My promise is to stay pure. My commitment is to be real and share some cool content. Period…

Warmest wishes to you all,

David Peterson,
Founder, CEO: California Dream’n Guitars
Denver & San Francisco

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