Borrow Against Guitars will quickly lend you the money you need because we know what your guitar is worth. We collect vintage guitars. Browse our collectible guitar shop.

For Borrowers

There are several factors involved that separate the ‘value’ and ‘market desire’ for guitars. The most compelling factor is a guitar that they do not make any longer… could be a vintage era, coveted production era or a limited series run.

Our focus is based upon what the banks don’t accept. Period. Guitars are our niche and we look to dominate the category by providing a scaled version of what the banks do with higher returns.

For Lenders

For lenders, your job is to get loans out in the marketplace. We offer you a new market opportunity to gain an entirely new marketplace. Guitar collectors are reputable, keep their inventory in top condition, and usually want to regain control over their prized possessions.

Browse Our Gallery

We bring speed, accuracy and integrity to those seeking money. No corner store pawnshop, no bank, no credit checks, no tax, no reporting. Simply put, privacy and ability are our cornerstones.

We want to ensure your hard-earned collections are respected, valued and allow for some financial flexibility without the pain or frustration banks put us all through… fast, friendly and seamless with respect and integrity.

Rare Guitar Shop

Rare Guitar Shop is the culmination of four decades; buying, selling, playing and advising folks on some great guitars. Our business model is simple…”offer the best in class, authenticated and original guitars available…” We stand behind every guitar that leaves our shop. Our team combs the world for superb, no excuses classic guitars that will perform to the highest levels of expectations. These guitars will be a welcome addition for any player and collector alike. If there is something specific you are looking for, please let us know…we will find it!

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