Why Guitars?

Guitars inspire many of us in a number of ways.

  1. They help us create music.
  2. Sound… the art of noise!
  3. Art… beauty and the burst.
  4. Community, grounded helping folks

As an aside, guitars can be a very lucrative investment tool. Like many items such as gems, vintage cars, watches, stocks and currencies, guitars appreciate in value. Naturally, one must be well adverse and properly advised with any investment; guitars are no exception. They have a strong foothold in the marketplace and provide us with well-rounded portfolios that can be passed along to family members or others without the tax burdens or withholdings on estates.

I’ll let the money experts expand on this in future articles. Our commitment to everyone is to help educate so that some comfort level can be reached on all levels of guitars as investments. Remember knowledge is king and a little can be dangerous. Reach out, explore and join us! The part I like best about guitars as investments is the community that surrounds them. While guitars are not unique to this attractive feature, they have proven to bring out the very best within our world. Generosity, sharing of ideas, integrity and just plain good folks all joining together, providing a wonderful sense of community. Personally, I wake up each day excited to work together with everyone and find a great deal of joy in the music and guitar world. We’re bankers, teachers, architects, musicians, celebrities and farmers… but when we connect, we become folks that love our niche with appreciation for what that stands for. Aretha spelled it out loud and clear: R. E. S. P. E. C. T.

There’s no replacing a childhood friend or family member to help keep us grounded in our crazy world. That said, guitar and music friendships are very special, making for warm and meaningful relationships that last. We’re not ‘in it to win it’ … describes my feelings. The journey is rewarding, the friendships are priceless.

Join us!

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