17 Tips for Recording Guitar at Home from Producer Romesh Dodangoda

The producer, engineer & mixer who has worked with Motörhead, Bring Me The Horizon, Funeral For a Friend and Twin Atlantic shares his knowledge..

With more of us playing guitar at home now than ever, there’s never been a better time to start recording your music. The technology to create and capture great tones has never been more accessible, so there’s just one piece missing – your ability to do it.

That barrier is easily overcome. And in this feature producer Romesh Dodangoda will help you to get the best for your recordings with his insider tips on getting great tones.



Learn To Play Guitar The Fastest Way – The Busker Technique

Fastest easy way to learn to play guitar – You can play 100’s of 1000’s of songs!


Guitar Review – The Guitar Tricks Review: Still the One to Beat!

Year after year we continue to rate GuitarTricks very highly. The reason? It remains one of the most comprehensive online guitar tutorial sites around today.

For complete beginners, intermediates and advanced players alike, GuitarTricks still proves to be the system to beat, with over three million people using the site to improve their guitar playing.

Like anything in life, the website is not without its flaws. However – being one of the oldest tutorial sites around, having launched in 1998 – GuitarTricks has had plenty of time to iron out most of the wrinkles. Plus, with such a long history, they can boast an archive of more than 11,000 lessons and 700 songs to learn…



Cool Guitars – 1949 Gibson LG1 – Rare Guitars Video – 25 Most Valuable Guitars

1949 Gibson LG1

There are few collectibles in modern pop culture that are as cool as guitars. They’re functional, tactile art that inspires players and music fans alike. As a VG reader, you’re acutely aware of the guitar’s status as a pop-culture icon. But beyond fond memories of The Beatles on Ed Sullivan or Hendrix at Woodstock, for some, guitars also serve as investments. So, using data accumulated in the research for The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide 2011, we offer this look at the 25 most valuable production-model (not celebrity-owned) guitars…



1964 VOX SuperLinx Classic Italian Made

1964 VOX SuperLinx Classic


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