About a Guitar: The Ultimate Reference Guide for Young Guitar Players

So you wanna play guitar, huh?

Congrats. It’s about damn time.

Just like every guitar player before you…

You’ve finally reached the point where just listening to your favorite songs is no longer enough…

Because you know deep down…the only thing that will make you truly happy in this world…

Is to actually start PLAYING those songs, with your own two hands…on a real guitar.


Just like every wannabe air guitar player before you who decides to start playing, but gives up before ever getting started…



9 Types of Guitar Every Guitarist Should Know

Are you curious about what types of guitar there are? Here’s an overview of the 9 types of guitar (including when & why each type might be used).

There are 3 main types of guitar: acoustic, electric and bass. But there are some important variations within those groups that some people classify as different types of guitar entirely.Let’s take a closer look..



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