Today let’s have a peak at the latest work out of Nashville by the one and only Kelton Swade. We could begin with a list of recording and performing ICONS that play Kelton’s magical guitars… I am sure many of you are all well aware of that history. We will do more articles on these stories in the near future that will be quite informative and FUN.

Today, we will dive into a deeper look behind the craftsmanship with a focus on the Kelton Swade Museum Guitar Line!  (this one is now available to purchase)

Welcome to the museum series by Kelton Swade! His understanding and ability to bring true aging to life as one would find on a 1950’s guitar is undeniably superlative. The same holds true for Kelton’s museum series guitars. Capturing the look and feel of a time capsule that would be considered ‘minty’ takes a talent that may indeed be more intense than a well worn ‘relic’. Subtle…and that word is perfect…is an artform in of itself. Many of us like the idea of a guitar well preserved. To find one and then purchase one from 1953, 58, 59 or any vintage year takes time and a great deal of money! Ouch…Mint Museum pieces defy price guide values 10 times outta 10.

Many of us have played, owned and cherished vintage guitars from the ‘golden era’ and guitars built well into the 1960’s. Some are wonderfully preserved and some “played hard and put away wet” as the saying goes! Aged, patina, crazing, color faded, mellowed/yellowed…whatever the terminology…it all relates to the condition of something old. BUT…vintage does NOT always mean worn, scratched, chipped, cracked, faded or lacquer checked. In fact, many of our 50-70 year old guitars are in “as new” or museum quality condition. The photos above are a great example of this.

Below…you’ll see the talents of more relic’d guitars Kelton creates…choices choices…!

(These are available to purchase as well)

Look no further to find yours, as Kelton Swade will custom build one that could well be superior to many vintage guitars. As all of his masterpieces…they play, sound and look iconic; these will be the best part of any guitar players artillery and collection! This one is a mere 7 lbs. made out of aged southern swamp ash. One piece body, maple neck, single action truss, medium vintage frets all dressed up in thin Nitrocellulose lacquer over olympic white. Kelton Swade pickups under the hood with nicely aged plastics to adorn the top! Each and every detail on every Kelton Swade Guitar is hand made with one thing in mind…TONE FIRST. Having owned and played them, I will tell you these are magical indeed!


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