Learning new guitar skills? Leaning to play? Here’s some tips to help guide you through the vast array of choices out there on the web!

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Online guitar lessons have become a great way to fine tune those techniques for the seasoned player or to start learning the basics. In fact, the selections available are remarkably diverse and some with easy to follow descriptions. There are so many in fact, it is confusing, causing many of us to pass on them all. So let’s talk about only three that seem well designed, flexible on payments with lots of choices within their menu to pick from. We’ll look at many more down the road and feel free to suggest your favorites with comments below!Fender Guitars

First on the block is Fender. One of world’s largest guitar manufacturing firms has a 3 month free trial program that looks very easy to follow. After 3 months, you decide if this one is helping by paying. Go to  www.fender.com/play  and check it out. Fender has every reason to be top notch at this…they sell guitars!

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Second, Guitar Mastery has put a tasty set of programs together. They have some great “teaser sessions” that are free that helps us decide if their formats are suitable. These folks have poured a great deal of time and money into marketing…somewhat scary…however I decided to give this site a try. I chose the 10 week master program and report back when I am finished. My goal is to polish up and re-learn skills I took for granted before 20 years of absence from band mates and gigging seemed to melt away more than I expected…wow, humble pie for sure! Go to their website at   www.guitarmasterymethod.com  and be prepared to dig around some.

Playing Guitar on the BeachThird and final pick is one I started looking at awhile back…2 or more years actually. Griff Hamlin, the Blues Guitar Unleashed master, has a nice way of explaining the basics for new players to very high-level skilled players that pushes even a seasoned player to improve. Griff is relaxed, detailed and is great at step by step visuals. He also uses sheet music with tablature in some videos! Really nice touch and don’t let this scare you away if you cannot read music. I did (unknowingly) buy their acoustic dvd program, Guitar Porch or something to that effect…to dedicate some time specifically on acoustics. The unknowingly is the DVD format part. I don’t have a dvd player any longer…so I can’t say if it’s a good one. Ha! Details can be annoying. I can say that his emails contain some nice sessions that are simple to follow. I saved a bunch in a folder to go back to when I make the time. He’s worth a look into and you’ll also find him on youtube and FB, or go to  www.bluesguitarunleashed.com  and subscribe to his email list. You’ll get a good idea pretty fast on whether this is for you…before any money is needed.

So no more excuses…from beginner to well skilled players…check some of these sites out and get your Hendrix on!

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