Woodsong’s Lutherie, a Colorado guitar repair shop located in Boulder, is making news by obeying the law, the rules and going many steps beyond to ensure both staff and clients stay safe!


(below…example of ‘before’)                         (below…same guitar, ‘after’)

The introduction says it all, however I want to take a moment to say thank you to some great folks that do exceptional work in Boulder Colorado. While we isolate away and stay safe during these viral filled daze, weeks and months, a special group of craftsmen stay the course. Woodsong’s Lutherie put a well developed plan to action that exceeds our Government’s orders and is proudly sticking with it. While some businesses defy the rules to make headlines and create media support, these gentlemen remain true to their regard for safety while still offering the highest quality service. It’s time folks like these get some attention…taking the high road always pays dividends! 

                                                            (John Denver’s Yamaha Guitar below)

They have only one day a week with specific time slots allocated to customer repair drop offs and pickups; all outdoors and under a shelter. Gloves, masks with safe distancing is strictly adhered to. No one is allowed inside and customers are given plenty of room to stay in their cars while they wait their turn. I made an appointment recently to have some adjustments and setup work done on two guitars…the system is excellent and truly allows the team more time to focus without distractions.


Talking with Jon Eaton, the owner of Woodsong’s Lutherie on a few occasions, he always makes a point to discuss how careful things are managed so we all stay safe. Jon’s concern for his team, shown above, is paramount in everything he does. I’ll explain the process:



  1. make appointment by telephone to be placed on a ‘set list’ for repair work
  2. listen carefully as you are told the procedures and protocol
  3. in the time frame prescribed on the call, you will be contacted for service date
  4. call is made, your appointment is set and drop off time slot is set
  5. with mask, place the guitar on the table in the drop zone, case closed…stand back from the table.
  6. one of the team comes outside and greets you, places an order tag on the case and guitar with an outline of issues to be solved etc…
  7. you are told that the guitar and case stays in a quarantine area for 3-4 days, untouched
  8. once the quarantine ends, they inspect everything and call you with recommendations, prices and an estimated pickup date.

This entire procedure takes about a week from drop-off date; very efficient, very professional and thank goodness these folks remain vigilant so we may still utilize their services. Making adjustments on a guitar is always best left to a professional luthier…10 times outta 10 ! Having a well oiled guitar sure makes isolation time easier and who knows, maybe the next #1 hit is in the process of being written!





Thank You Jon, Mike and the whole Team at Woodsong’s Lutherie!

They can be reached at (303) 449-0550 and www.lutherie.com 3070 28th St. Boulder, Co.











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